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Andra has started writing on this Blog since his participation in the American Field Services (AFS) exchange student program to the United States, so he can share his life and experiences in the States with his friends in Indonesia. Long way before that, this Co-Founder of West Sumatra Child Forum loves to share his organization experience and his contribution in fighting for children rights, especially in West Sumatra. Therefore, he was awarded as Indonesian Child Ambassador from KOMNAS Perlindungan Anak and Indonesian Young Leader Award by the President of the Republic of Indonesia & UNICEF Indonesia.

This 27 years-young-man received his B.A. in Psychology from Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia on February 2014. He has huge passion for human resource management, recruitment, and corporate culture. Currently he is working professionally as an HR Recruitment in one of mining company in Jakarta.

After starting to focus on work, Andra currently writing more about his life, his self-talk (to him self), movie and music review, and his travel journey.

For all readers, thank you for visiting this blog. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave your comment! You also able to contact him, just click here!

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    1. wahhh Andra baru nyadar ada comment nya ncepp..
      keamren ini beberapa bulan emang lagi nggak ada niat buat nulis *parah gila sumpah dah

      Ada kok mampir ke Blog Ncepp..

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