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Welcome to Nashville

Hello guys, today I want to share to you about this cool and fun video. Actually I found this video months ago, but, oh-no! I haven’t share it with you in my blog! So here we go!

‘Welcome to Nashville’ by Austin and Colin will takes you to some virtual tour to my second home, Nashville, Tennessee USA. I called this my second home because (I bet some of you already know) I was in Nashville about 10 months during my exchange year.

Nashville is also known as the Music City USA. I knew and listen to my very first country song when I lived there, LOL. Some people said that country songs are old school, but if you really listen to this kind music, I am sure you will find a fun and joyful afternoon!

Based on my experience, good things about Nashville are: Southern culture, lots of hockey and soccer and really all sports except baseball and backetball, good gun friendly state, nice weather but slightly on the warmer side in summers but not as vad as Arizona or Florida heat, icy roads in the winter, lots of colleges if you are looking for a good college to attend, great job market, and friendly people.

Come to visit Nashville (again) will always be my VVIP List! If you have a chance to visit the State, you should come and explore Nashville!

Andra Septian

Andra Septian

A full time Jakartan who spend his weekdays as HR Recruitment Supervisor at Coal Mining Company. Enjoying his weekend as a lover

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