Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Movie Review

Video: Beauty and the Beast – US Official Final Trailer from Disney Movie Trailers channel on YouTube

A very long awaited un-animated fairy tale story has finally come to the big screen, 26 years after the original in 1991. Many times we wondered what it would be like, how much charm could be included in a real life version.

I honestly cannot remember when was the last time I watch the original version of Beauty and the Beast. So I can tell I was super excited when the movie is finally premiere on Friday, March 17. We order tickets since days before the premiere and it full booked! No wonder if kids, teens, and adults are super excited to watch this fairy tale.

This remake respects the animated version overall and rarely strays from the original storyline. They introduce a couple of new musical numbers. Some of the stunning scenes are so visually overwhelming and theatrical that you feel like you are watching a West-End musical. You are drenched wonderfully in magic, opulence and royal luxury.

Belle portrayed by Emma Watson surely did a great job to deliver the charming book loving princess. Providing her own voice for Belle’s singing (however her voice sounds quite auto-tuned, making you question how advanced her musical talent is. But still good!). We wouldn’t dream of anyone else rather than her to bring Belle alive. When I heard that Watson had taken on the lead role, I was excited; it seemed like a great fit! This is a case where what the audience knows about an actress in “real life” might bleed through to positively impact her portrayal of a character. Watson has a degree from Brown, is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and has spoken around the world on feminism. And I also her big fans since Harry Potter #1 movie!

The Beast, portrayed by Dan Stevens, he of course, delivered a very cruel, cold hearted, and demanding personality to the character. He becomes quickly attached and affectionate to Belle. From monstrous to a light hearted already in love, more humane individual. Finally, finding love in himself for others, and even expecting it from Belle herself. I do enjoy the ‘modern’ Beast but somehow he is looking too good for Beast (what you going to say, Andra?. Hhmm.. Maybe the Beast still look handsome?)

Last but never the least, I think the show is stolen by Luke Evans as Gaston. He is narcissistic, arrogant and hilarious. He adds that comic relief that will appeal to all ages and he is a baddie that you cannot help but love, but not as much as he loves himself!

There was much controversy about the first Disney homosexual relationship and after seeing the film, I can say it has been blown way out of proportion. It is a necessary step into the twenty-first century.

This movie is epic and again long awaited, the chemistry was there I fell in love with the entire film. Quite honestly the feel of the movie can only be felt, not from any review on the web, but actually going to see it. My rating is 4 of 5!

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