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I’m Officially Marathoner!

I am officially a Marathoner! Virgin Full Marathon right here in Bangkok, Thailand!

42.195K ~ The Amazing Thailand Marathon 2019 🇹🇭🏅

I never had the faintest idea to be a Marathoner, like ever. I never thought that I could go this far. My old lazy heavy ass self wouldn’t believe someday that is today I’ve become this happy-fun runner when I know I am not so much into the sport.

It’s crazy to think about how life turns out to be. It only takes less than a year after my first race (which I call The Comeback Race, lol! after my last race with the Cross Country Club at Hillwood High). I come back stronger. I can feel it! I feel it better; the pain and the glory to be a Marathoner, I embrace the feeling when the hard work, how I discipline my self, the dramas, the complaints, the compliments, too it all pays off in the end.

Let me thank Daniel for creating the exercise plans for the past 2 months (oh yes, it was a crazy yet brilliant idea; how to train a person to run a full marathon in only 2 months, super short time, right? But I did it!). Thank you for being there to cheer me up when I was about to give up and got dragged down with all those dramas (losing shoes, food poisoning, etc)

Thanks to #HRteam of #AdaroEnergy for being a great strong support system, thanks for staying with me during my training program and showering me with the supportive cheers and messages today!

Last but not least, thank you, Bangkok for making my #VirginFM super awesome.

So now, let me enjoy my Mango Sticky Rice, Tomyam, and all these mouthwatering Thai foods!

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