Love from PSBM 2019

42.195K – Pocari Sweat Bandung Marathon 2019 🏅

Marathon teaches me to challenge my selves. It teaches me to push beyond where I thought I could go. It helps me to find out what I am made of.

Less than 6 months after my Virgin FM, I’ve decided to run FM for the second time. And again, less preparation (not even 2 months). I set my own target to finish it at 04:30. I want to have my new PB (after new PBs for my 10K, and HM categories in July 2019 too)

So I’ve decided to join the Pocari Sweat Bandung Marathon 2019. This is one of the biggest and one of the most wanted marathons even in Indonesia. The Marathon slots were sold out less than 1 hour, crazy right?

This marathon not only I ran with less preparation but also I was in the middle of a business trip (well yes, I went out of the office to recruit fresh graduate at AMPP campus recruitment!). Lucky me, I went to Bandung for this office thing from Tuesday to Friday, and immediately extend my stay in Bandung.

So on the morning of race day, I couldn’t tell how nervous I was. Less sleep and didn’t sure I had enough carbs loading before. And most important was that did I practice enough for this Marathon?

Since I want to break new PB, I lined-up right in the front! Ambitious enough? I try to enjoy every km I ran. At 20K, I felt my left knee hurts but I kept running at the same pace. Till I hit 27K, I want to give up, and I cried inside (trust me, I really want to give up, but I remember I already posted on my IG stories, so I need to finish it strong, lol)

Personally, I think the race was not sterile at all (you know lah why). I thank Daniel for cheering me up and ran with me till the finish line. I clocked my new PB for my Marathon at 04:35 (still proud of my self). Till the next marathon!

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