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Marathonniversary with my best one!

So we ran the Amazing Thailand Bangkok Marathon 2020 last Sunday and I’m still in shock and awe that it’s finally over and we actually did it.

It’s difficult to describe the complicated mix of emotions I feel – overwhelm, triumph, a little bit of nostalgia for the journey, pride, self-respect, and happiness. I can’t describe how I felt seeing the finish line materialize on the horizon. It was a miraculous moment. We crossed it, and a wave of disbelief washed over us.

I would like to thanks Daniel for running with me, not only on the race day (from we crossed the start line until finish line) but also during our training (even tho our training didn’t go perfectly). Weeks of pain, time, dedication, willpower, patience, and sacrifice, we finally unlocked our new PB together at 4 hours and 30 minutes for 42K of the most amazing (and most difficult) physical & mental challenge I’ve ever endured but it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Thank you Bangkok for your best hospitality and its always feel so good to comeback.

Now lemme enjoy the rest of holiday with exploring the culture and Thai culinary.

Till next marathon(s), guys!

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