Recruitment, What I Have Learned So Far

What’s your dream job?

Everyone have different of dream job but for sure before he / she gets that job, selection process from the company should be the most ‘nervous’ thing that need to be followed.

I may not have much experience yet, but when I am recruiting candidates, I found there are keys of Successful in Recruitment Process

1. Competency
I am not only recruiting pro hire but also freshgraduate. When I read their CV I also focus to analyst their competencies. A CV can tell me that the candidate has the relevant experience. It’s vital indicator because it shows the ability to do the work required of the position. If they have no competencies like what the requirements asked for, for sure the candidates will not be able to perform well.

Some fresh graduate said, ‘We are freshgradute, of course we aren’t sure yet about what is our competency.”

As a Recruiter, I do believe, applying job is not like applying for school when you come with empty head and back home with gain more knowledge. No. If you want to get a job you need to have good competencies to perform well. Company will not paying an employee to ‘study’. No. Company pays for their job.

2. Capacity
If someone has the competence to perform the role, they do not always then have the capacity to perform the role. The role itself is made up of several attributes and aspects; competence being only one of them (Caroline, 2014).

Let say if you wanna apply for Auditor. Dir sure I am looking for candidates with detail orientation (based on their psychological test). But how ever being a detail orientation person is not enough, he/she needs to has capacity to support their performance. Let say, he/she musts multitasking, analytical thinking, etc.

3. Culture
Culture is also important to predict candidates performance. The culture is not only how they performed before during their last job/school, but also about their attitude. Candidates with good competency and have capacity is not gonna perform well if he/she has ‘bad’ culture.

We need to find candidates that can fix with company culture because employees are the most expensive asset that company has. So if they can’t performed.

4. Characteristic
It’s one of the most important aspect. Character comes last and much higher than Culture for the simple reason that you can hire someone that will fit in culturally, however if they lack the necessary character to fuse into the company ethics and values, then nothing will work.

When someone stands up for what is right, they display character that proves they are less concerned about what others think of them than they are for ensuring that people are treated decently.

The successful candidate must be able to discern right and wrong behavior.

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