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Say Goodbye to 2015. It’s (almost) New Year 2016!

Agree or not, 2015 is nearly over, and we have to say “damn, this year went fast!”

I was enjoying my donuts and try to make a cute post about how to finish this year with full of joy. When I look at the window, holly-crap, traffic Jakarta kills! Its going to be like this all year, even during )almost) long weekend when most of people already leave Jakarta to spend their days off.

This year brought a lot of fun and amazing things into our life. Let’s recall some of it, and make a prognosis for the new 2016.

January 2015

I was in the middle of recruitment process at PT Adaro Energy, Tbk while I also in the middle of my very last project at PT Cogindo DayaBersama (PLN Group); Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. I can tell that I was so stressful during that project because I know that I am not really good on statistic. But luckily in the middle of that project I also had a chance to finish my-never-ending-project for last year winners of Out Standing Employees and Innovation Writing contest at Cogindo. Yep, I finally did benchmarking to PT PJB at East Java, but the most fun thing was Self Achievement Unlocked; mountain climbing (well, it just Bromo). But yes, it was fun you know.

February 2015

Still on our way to finished the survey. Luckily I got some help from my classmate, Dimas! I owe you man!The other point was I finally passed all recruitment process at Adaro. Signed the contract and one month notice before begun new job!

March 2015

Project was done and on 16 March 2015, my new job finally begun! And I have to say good bye toy Master Program at NTUST for MBA Program because I made promise to my self if I got this job I willed go my Master! And I did!

April 2015

What can I say. I was on my adaptation phase. The colleagues were fun, and the job was…………. (?) But overall I did enjoy my April.

May 2015

I was not in the good health condition! I thought everything just fine (and I was a fine boy on that time). But I have to accepted it, life must go on!

June 2015

Its time for me to really taking care of my health. No one will taking care of yours except your self!

July 2015

I was home for Eid Mubarak. I bet y’all had a good holiday too! It was good to be home with all your family. Oh ya, it was my very first time to visit and stay at our new home. I know it was hard to let go every sweet memories there but life must go on, right? I am so proud of my parents, both of them were super strong!

August 2015

I have a good story! So I met someone at Starbucks Semanggi. The eyes were killing me! We just busy with our drink and our phone but we kept looking each other. No conversation at all. May be it was half or a hour killing time at Starbucks with no conversation at all. You have no idea what happen in next two months!

September 2015

September 1st, my big day! I turned 24 this year. I felt old but I know I still look like 19 years boy. Come on, with my skinny body and my style……… :p But honestly I felt lonely this year, I mean I just moved to Jakarta and most of my best friends already live far away. We did catch up but it was really short dinner.

October 2015

I didn’t expect that Starbucks Love Story was continue! It was 10 October and the conversation is keep going till this second! I also went home for my brother’s wedding, so I am the last grandchild on my big family who still not marriage 😉

November 2015

I learned how to be a better lover, a better me.

December 2015

Went to Cirebon for short yet small reunion with my best friends. And the now I am sitting at Dunkin Donuts thinking what should I write next.

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