June 14

Senior Year, W-O-W!

Junior Year is officially over and I have 3 months before my Senior Year begin. I have to take my internship for my college thing, lucky I have accepted in the World Vision International, Indonesia Office. So glad I placed in national office as a Youth Researcher and Youth Consultant for their HEARTH Project. I also in charge as a mentor for their 2 project areas.

It always lovely working with children in professional way of course now. I have learned many things from wonderful children’s participation on this 8 years.

Talking about Senior Year? Yes. Thesis is coming really soon and to be honest I have not prepare yet; what can of topic I do want to write about, who will be my Thesis Lecturer. I already set the target I HAVE to be graduate on January/February 2014. It’s no way to pending this till next August/September 2014.

The credits for my Bachelor degree is enough to be finish on January/February. Now it’s up to me how I can do good or better for my very last thesis.

I also looking for opportunity to get a full scholarship for my Master. I still thinking to take a Master in Psychology, but Master in Human Rights is steal my heart. I look forward, I have done 8 years in my life working in Human Rights, specially in Children issues. I’m so optimist I can do more better in my Master program in Human Rights, what do you think guys?

Well, I have to keep my GPA, oh dear God, it’s quite hard to keep the GPA in Faculty of Psychology in the University of Indonesia. But hell yeah, I have to be optimist I can keep it up. And also, I have to prepare to get a good band score in my IELTS. Soon, I have to take it (FOR REAL), and of course I have to prepare my IELTS skills. SENIOR YEAR IS W-O-W!!

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