True or False about Gen (WH)Y

Gen Y is people who born between 1982 and 2002. Many people think that my generation (WHY Gen) is a generation that full of questions (?). They speak the language of the self as their native tongue. It generation known as the generation that the individualism has always come first, and feeling good about yourself has always been a primary virtue.

Well then, I want to break down some points; true or false about Gen Y

1. Gen Y wants to look like a winner more than they want to be a winner
Gen Y is a generation that consumed with their image. Online, they manage themselves like they are celebrities. Let me ask, how many social do you have? and how many of them that actively active-updated? I bet the answer is more than 2, more than 3. Gen Y create their image awesomely to get attentions from people. Seeing people give respond is more priceless than get the real meaning ‘famous’.

I am not saying that less number of Gen Y has tried really hard to get what they want (for btheir better future). But come on, how many of them feels amazing to share it online (event they didn’t know the result yet) and hoping tons of their followers will give respond.

2. Gen Y thinks they don’t believe in God
I know it’s personal, but I found many Gen Y thinks they don’t believe in God. They prepare to fight to get bright future by their own self and always give conclusion that if they get what they want its happen because of their willingness to fight.

Or maybe traumatic problem also contributed. Have a broken family, problem with financial, failed on test, get sickness, etc. All the bad thing happened because of God. Sick, huh!

3. Gen Y expectations are highly optimistic
They expect to go to college (i.e. they just graduate from their Bachelor program and already get Letter of Acceptance for their Master Program in 1 or 3 universities abroad). Yes, this generation enters a world in which college admissions are increasingly competitive. Gen Y also has ambition to make lots of money with high career (in short time), but deep in progress good jobs are hard to find and harder to keep.

This is a time of soaring expectations and crushing realities.

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